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If They Are Guilty,
Then I Am Guilty, Too.

On July 3, Hong Kong police announced bounties of one million Hong Kong dollars apiece for information leading to the arrests of eight advocates of Hong Kong democracy who are living overseas. The Hong Kong National Security Law, imposed by Beijing on June 30, 2020, vaguely provides that any person anywhere in the world who advocates “secession” from China, “subversion” of the central government, or “collusion with foreign forces” is in violation of the law. The eight Hong Kong activists have been entirely peaceful.  Their offenses have been to say things that were perfectly legal to say before the National Security Law arrived but that Beijing now declares to be criminal. 


In solidarity with them, and in defense of the universal human right of free speech, we have signed the following statement and invite you to do so as well:


“If Ted Hui, Anna Kwok, Dennis Kwok, Finn Lau, Nathan Law, Siu-tat Mung, Kevin Yam and Elmer Yuen have broken the law, then we have too and are also “guilty.”’

July 17, 2023

*Disclaimer: Views are personal and do not necessarily represent the affiliated organization.

Join us to sign on the letter in solidarity with the eight Hong Kong overseas activists targeted by the Hong Kong authorities.

Submitted. Thanks for participating!

* Signing on means that you are agreeing to take a public stand in solidarity with the eight targeted activists.

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Signatories (updated on a rolling basis):

Frances Hui, The Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation
Olivia Enos, The Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation
Mark L Clifford, The Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation
Tsz Chung Tang 
Chloe Cheung
Dean Bacendaoe, Publisher
Julie Millsap, Uyghur Human Rights Project
David Eaton
Domingo Siu    
Kinen Kao, Penn State Students For Hong Kong
Samuel Bickett
Chen Jung Tai
Arne Melsom, Hong Kong Committee in Norway
Stuart Russell, International Association of People's Lawyers Monitoring Committee on Attacks on Lawyers
Grace Y., The Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation
Edward Li    
Simon Cheng 鄭文傑, Hongkongers in Britain (英國港僑協會)
Eamon deValera
Jessica Chiu, Hong Kong Committee in Norway
Catherine Li    
John Robertson    
El Luk, Chicago Solidarity with Hong Kong
Bob Chan
Johnny Cheng
Hanna Kim
Tenzin Kunga, Free Tibet
Jennifer Anne Eagleton, Independent academic researcher
B Cheng, Uniting HongKongers
Sam Walton, Human Rights
James Joseph, Yet Again UK
Emily Hausheer    
April Ponnuru, Ridgely|Walsh
Nicholas Welch    
Rushan Abbas, Campaign for Uyghurs
SO Ka Ho Christopher    
Deric Huen
Angie L    
Priscilla Lunn, Uniting HongKongers
Tab, Vancouver Activists of Hong Kong (VAHK) 溫哥華手足
Andy Kwok       
Rosita Poon    
Richard Lue, Western Australian Association for Pan-Asian Democracy
Rebecca Hobbs    
KyaHo Wong    
Yeung Yunwah    
Lyndsey Fraser    
Jack Chan    
Tanja Zondervan, China Alarm
Winnie Ng, Toronto Association for Democracy in China 多倫多支持中國民運會
Tan Yixiang    
Nakita Wong    
Bin Xie    
Edmond Tse    
Dominic Lam    
Calum Waddell    
Terry Glavin, Journalist
Leanne Rogers
Nate Link, Rutgers
Feng Zhou
Eero Kivistö    
Edmond Chen    
Tenzin Lodoe    
Alan Chan    
Quyen Nguyen    
Gerard Lau    
Keith Daw    
Tiga Chiu    
Feilong LIU    
Alexander Fergusson    
Amy Au 
Zafar Ahmad Abdul Ghani, Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization in Malaysia (MERHROM)
Tsang Elizabeth    
Nereo Hua
Kenneth Leung    
Andrew Chen    
L Wong
Everett Chui    
May Ng    
Wang Dan   
Stefan Siebenrock    
Nakahara Kunihiko    
Keiko Koike    
TOMOKO ABO, RitaRitaProject   
Geremie R Barmé, The Australian National University
Jennifer Chou    
Xiaokang Su    
Jean-Philippe Beja, Ceri-sciences-po
Victor H. Mair    
Anita Chan    
Ha Jin, Boston University
Orville Schell, Writer
Hu Ping    
Christopher Leung          
Caroline Tham    
Andrew Nathan, Columbia University
David Kwong    
Tienchi M-Liao, Sino Euro Voices e.V.
Lobsang Choekyi    
Miles Yu    
Matt Pottinger, Former U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor
Jay Nordlinger, National Review
Jeffrey Wasserstrom    
David Livdahl
Larry Diamond, Hoover Institution and FSI, Stanford University
Aniessa Andresen, Hongkonger in Deutschland e.V.
Yutong Su    
Pauline Chen    
Lhamo Wong    
Yawen Shen    
Takeshi Matsuo    
Robert Barnett, University of London
Yu Zhang, ICPC-WiPC
Michael C Davis, Jindal Global University, Wilson Center
Christopher R Hughes, LSE
Stacy Mosher    
Pan Yong Zhong, Sino Euro Voices
Stephen M. Young, Retired diplomat
Daniel Garrett    Securing Tianxia LLC
C Ko    
Hsieh Wen-Hua    
Gill Boehringer, IAPL
Tariq MARTINEZ, Killuminati
Zili Yang, Citizen Power Initiatives for China
Jenny Xu    
Frank Yu    
Weikang Jiang    
Xiaochu Chen    
Clay Jiang    
Felix Lo    
Jone Wong    
Ye Sun, 中國民主黨
P Wong       
Terence Kwan    
Jay Liu       
Chung Yan Kit    
TAN Huong    
Tomoko Ako, The University of Tokyo
John Zhou    
Xiao Yun Wang    
Feng Chongyi, University of Technology Sydney
Chengzhi Zhu    
Xiaosong ZHANG, APO China
Everett Chui    
Feng Luu    
Xiaoyang Guo    
Chengzhen Meng    
Xiao Lu    
Kun Liu    
Chloe Yu 喻千凝, China Democracy Party
Wing Sum Leung    
Stone Huang    
Leo Chui    
Chris Su    
Perry Link, University of California, Riverside
Che Hamen Deng    
Irene Liang    
Heng Zhou    
Wen Cao    
Baco Zhao
Gary Schmitt, American Enterprise Institute
Chen Jun Ting    
Ruby Wong
Zha Jianying    
Kemin Shen    
Yin Ming    
Harlan W. Jencks, University of California (Retired)
Tung Lei Ho    
Chiyu Chu    
Ian Johnson    
Connie Ma    
Zhang Yu, 
Allen Chen    
Nuda Lio    
CM Lay
Naomi Chi, Hokkaido University
Nick Qiu    
Oliver Wong    
James Tang    
Renee Xia, Network for Chinese Human Rights Defenders
Vera Schwarcz, History & East Asian Studies at Wesleyan University
Joseph Cheng    
Yiwu Liao, Writer, poet and musician
Teng Biao, Scholar and human rights lawyer 
Edward Friedman, Professor emeritus of Political Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Ricky Wong    
Xiaoru Zhao    
Heiner Roetz    
Ian Buruma, Bard College
Kam Wai pong    
Costanzia Tran    
Willy Lam, Sinologist    
Donald Clarke, Professor, George Washington University Law School
Lelia Sun 
Yin Lu    
Herbert Chow    
Ben Zabulis    
James B    
Ambassador James B Cunningham, Former US Consul General, Hong Kong
Jacky Shi
Kim Hanna    
Kevin Carrico, Monash University
Benjamin Fung    
Hohn Leung    
蔡文勇 Cai Wen Yong, Teacher in China

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