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7 March 2023

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Fractured Foundations: Assessing Risks to Hong Kong's Business Environment

Hosted by The Atlantic Council


Featured Speakers

Logan Wright, Partner at Rhodium Group

Johanna Kao, Nonresident Senior Fellow at The Atlantic Council's Global China Hub

Thomas Kellogg, Executive Director and Adjunct Professor of Law at Georgetown Center for Asian Law

Victor Shih, Associate Professor & Ho Miu Lam Chair in China & Pacific Relations at University of California San Diego

Eva Dou, China Correspondent at The Washington Post


Hong Kong's legal and political structure has fundamentally changed since the implementation of the National Security Law in 2020. When changes of this magnitude occur, it is difficult for anyone to know what shifts are transitory, and what adjustments will become permanent features of Hong Kong's political and commercial environment. The CFHK Foundation in partnership with the Atlantic Council will launch a new report by Logan Wright assessing Hong Kong's future as a global financial hub. The report provides an objective framework to assess the wager that business conditions for most firms operating in Hong Kong will remain unchanged. The report analyses emerging risks to the commercial operating environment in Hong Kong, including currency risks, compliance challenges, threats to judicial independence, access to accurate information, and data security.

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