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Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation End of Year Newsletter

Letter from the President

The fight for freedom in Hong Kong continues. On behalf of everyone at the Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation, I am grateful for your support for the people of Hong Kong.

CFHK Foundation has expanded our team in the US and the UK with new offices and additional staff in Washington and London.

In October, CFHK Foundation, together with London’s Henry Jackson Society, launched a report titled, ‘An Investigation of China’s Confucius Institutes in the UK’, looking at the influence of Confucius Institutes in UK universities and the way in which they work with the Chinese Communist Party to stifle dissent in Britain. We are proud that the report spurred the Prime Minister to immediately instruct her Higher Education Minister to investigate UK policy towards university funding from Chinese sources.

In Edinburgh, we organized the first-ever event in the Scottish Parliament for Hong Kongers who have settled in Scotland. The event was attended by a dozen Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) and over 50 Hong Kongers – bridging a gap between new Hong Kongers in Britain and their elected representatives. This was the first opportunity for MSPs to meet their constituents and hear first-hand about the challenges they face settling into life in Scotland.

CFHK Foundation staged large-scale light projections at the Guggenheim Museum in New York ahead of National Day, to highlight the Chinese Communist Party’s human rights violations in Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang. Another set of projectionsin lower Manhattan called out Wall Street financiers for enabling the continued repression in Hong Kong.

In 2023, we will work with friends and allies around the world to intensify our fight for freedom and democracy for those still living in Hong Kong. We will continue to call out China’s ongoing violations of its international treaties in Hong Kong. We will keep the global focus on Hong Kong at a time when brave activists, like Jimmy Lai, are subjected to sham trials under the vague and sweeping National Security Law. We will stand up for the hundreds of political prisoners who are filling Hong Kong jails, giving a voice to those whom the Chinese Communist Party would silence.