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Hong Kong voices heard in the Scottish Parliament

This blog was authored by Chloe Cheung, Communications Assistant for the Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation.

Excitement, responsibility, and a deep sense of purpose have characterised my first month at the Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation (CFHK Foundation). Thus far, the greatest reward has been the profound sense of mission I feel as I accomplish my daily tasks.

As a member of the CFHK Foundation, my daily responsibilities include supporting the management of our social media channels, designing graphics, and updating our political prisoner database. I also help organise and participate in parliamentary events. I genuinely enjoy engaging with people, making this aspect of my role particularly fulfilling.

The best highlight of my time at the CFHK Foundation so far was a trip to Edinburgh alongside Mark Sabah, our UK and EU Director. Beyond the thrill of exploring a new city, our meetings with Members of the Scottish Parliament and journalists were impactful. We discussed a range of issues, from British citizen Jimmy Lai's 1,000th day in prison to the safety concerns of Hongkongers in Scotland due to potential infiltrations by the Chinese Communist Party.

Our day in Scotland concluded with an event in which Hongkongers raised their concerns directly with the Scottish police. Many shared their experiences since relocating to Scotland, and there were concerning reports of assaults by Chinese individuals. Such incidents underscore the urgent need to ensure the safety and well-being of Hongkongers in Scotland and throughout the United Kingdom.

The experiences of the Hongkongers in Edinburgh reflected both challenges and resilience. It was deeply emotional for me to hear these experiences first hand. They displayed the nature of many Hongkongers abroad: the joy of newfound freedoms in a different country together with persistent fears stemming from past events and current threats.

Working for the CFHK Foundation has been a rewarding experience. There are days when my schedule is bursting with tasks and meetings. It can be tiring, no doubt. But as I sit back after a long day, there's an undeniable warmth in knowing that I am contributing to a cause that resonates with my personal story. I find immense purpose in what I do, which aligns seamlessly with my core values: human rights, justice, and freedom. It fills me with pride to advocate for my homeland and represent the community I hold dear: the Hongkongers.

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