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Joint Statement Urging James Cleverly to Raise Jimmy Lai with Han Zheng

5 May 2023 – The British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly plans to meet with Xi Jinping's deputy and Hong Kong's oppressor Han Zheng, who will visit Britain to attend King Charles III's coronation. We call on the Foreign Secretary to directly raise the case of British citizen Jimmy Lai and Hong Kongers' Mandatory Provident Funds with Han Zheng himself. The British government should make the UK's national security and the security of its citizens a priority, particularly for those who came to Britain to seek refuge from the oppressive hand of the Chinese Communist Party.

Rather than prioritising trade and investment, the British government should speak out for Hong Kong's political prisoners including Jimmy Lai, defend Hong Kongers in Britain who have been withheld from accessing £2.2 billion worth of their pensions, and make it clear that they have no intention to end the British National (Overseas) visa scheme that has helped thousands of Hong Kongers resettle in the UK.

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