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Mark Sabah discusses Liz Truss China comments on Talk TV

Updated: May 3

2023 18 February — The Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation’s UK & EU Director Mark Sabah spoke to TalkTV to discuss a speech made by Liz Truss, former British Prime Minister, regarding China. During the interview, Mark discussed the rise of China and the UK’s lack of a coherent China policy, the recent cancellation of a visit to the UK by the Governor of Xinjiang (an individual banned in the US), Mark also raised the case of Jimmy Lai and the destruction of freedoms in Hong Kong under the National Security law.

“China is the biggest and the strongest. It’s doing deals with Putin, it’s doing deals with Iran, it is doing deals with countries that we [the UK] are uncomfortable with. What that means is that they [the CCP] are on the economic rise around the world, and we do not have a coherent China policy.”

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