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NEWSLETTER: New York City's Skyline Lit Up With Jailed Hong Kong Activists

Committee News

For International Women’s Day, the Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong (CFHK) Foundation splashed images of Hong Kong’s women political prisoners across New York City’s skyline. “The Chinese Communist Party has jailed more women and girls than any other regime in the 21st century. This International Women’s Day, world leaders should learn their names and raise them in diplomatic engagements with their Chinese counterparts to call for their immediate release,” said Policy and Advocacy Coordinator Frances Hui.

The CFHK Foundation launched its political prisoner database which includes some of the many Hong Kong women who have been jailed simply for fighting for rights that are guaranteed under international law.

The CFHK Foundation signed on to PEN America’s International Women’s Day statement which calls for the immediate release of four women protesters in China.

The Atlantic Council launched a report that assesses risks to Hong Kong’s business environment. Following the report’s launch event, the CFHK Foundation’s President, Mark Clifford, said, “The CFHK Foundation urges US and UK corporate and government leaders to heed warnings in the Atlantic Council’s report of the potential risks of doing business in an centre whose destruction of basic civil rights also threatens company profits.”

British Parliamentarian Jim Shannon and the Backbench Business Committee will host a debate on UK-China relations to mark the ten-year anniversary of Xi Jinping becoming State Chairman (often misleadingly translated as “President”) of the People’s Republic of China. “This debate will highlight how China has regressed both internally and on the international stage during his ten years at the helm,” said Jim Shannon MP.

Mark Clifford and Frances Hui met with Select Committee on the Strategic Competition Between the United States and Chinese Communist Party member, Representative Mikie Sherrill, to highlight how resistance in Hong Kong helps ensure effective deterrence in Taiwan. Hong Kong remains on the front line of the battle against autocratic regimes.

The trial of the Hong Kong 47 has been going on for one month.The Epoch Times reported on last week's rally held by Representative Mike Gallagher and Frances Hui to protest the ongoing trial of the Hong Kong 47.

Hong Kong

Elizabeth Tang, wife of former politician and Hong Kong activist Lee Cheuk-yan, has been arrested under the National Security Law after visiting her husband in prison, reported The Independent. This assault on a couple who were the “voice of Hong Kong’s working class” exposes the CCP’s insecurity regarding anyone who defends human rights.

Three Hong Kong Tiananmen Square vigil organisers, including prominent pro-democracy activist Chow Hang-tung, have been convicted of a criminal offence under the National Security Law, according to Reuters.

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) published its findings on Hong Kong’s adherence to international human rights standards, reported the Hong Kong Free Press. The United Nations advised Hong Kong authorities to review whether the National Security Law upholds the “full independence of the judiciary.”

The South China Morning Post reported that the Hong Kong authorities claim the UNHRC’s recommendation for Hong Kong to review whether the National Security Law dilutes the independence of Hong Kong’s judiciary is “unfounded”.

Volker Turk, the new High Commissioner for the UNHRC, urged China to take action regarding Hong Kong’s deteriorating conditions following the release of the UNHRC’s latest report, according to the South China Morning Post.

The Financial Times reported that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is pressuring Hong Kongers who wish to be selected for China’s parliament to give up their passports from Western countries.


The BBC reported that Xi Jinping called for greater self-reliance at the National People’s Congress’ annual meeting. This would allow Xi to tighten his control and further violate human rights in China and Hong Kong.

Chinese Foreign Minister, Qin Gang, warned the US against suppressing China, reported the BBC. The US and other Western countries are only working to suppress the CCP’s continuous violation of international human rights in China, Hong Kong, and around the world.

UK-China Relations

Last year, Safeguard Defenders identified Glasgow’s Loon Fung restaurant as a secret CCP police base, reported The Scottish Sun. Members of the Scottish Parliament should call attention to this case, for Hong Kongers who have fled Beijing’s persecution in Hong Kong should not have to live under Xi’s shadow of fear.

The Business Traveller reported that British Airways has doubled its number of flights to Hong Kong. UK travellers must not be fooled into thinking that Hong Kong is the prosperous city it once was as the CCP continues to suppress its civil and political rights.

US-China Relations

President Joe Biden has backed a bipartisan group of Senators who proposed legislation that would allow the US to ban TikTok, reported The Guardian. The White House’s support is a step in the right direction to further secure the US’ data privacy rights and national security.

The BBC reported that tens of thousands of individuals have signed a petition to prevent actor Donnie Yen from hosting the Oscars following his remarks that discounted Hong Kong’s 2019 protests. His defence of China violates the global spirit of free speech that the Oscar awards claim to represent.

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