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NEWSLETTER: The CFHK Foundation Co-Organises First-Ever UK-Hong Kong Summit

Committee News

The Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong (CFHK) Foundation was delighted to co-organise and participate in the first-ever UK-Hong Kong Summit, where nearly two hundred Hong Kongers from throughout Britain met with British Parliamentarians to share their stories from Hong Kong and highlight their experiences since living in Britain. Speakers included Stephen Hammond MP, Hong Kong Watch’s Chief Executive Benedict Rogers, former Ukrainian MP Aliona Hlivco, former governor of Hong Kong Lord Chris Patten, Britain’s Shadow Minister for Immigration Stephen Kinnock MP, and All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Hong Kong member Lord David Alton.

The Daily Express interviewed the CFHK Foundation’s Mark Clifford ahead of the UK-Hong Kong Summit. Mr Clifford highlighted the need for Britain to label China as a ‘threat’, saying, "Downing Street realises the Golden age of trade with China is over, but there is still a sense that we can somehow have it both ways.”

The CFHK Foundation’s Mark Sabah spoke with NTD News Today to highlight the launch of the UK-Hong Kong Summit in London. Mr Sabah said, “You're telling Hong Kongers 'you've come here to be safe', but they're not. [The Bob Chan attack] had a very negative effect on the mentality of Hong Kongers who suddenly realised they're on their own even though they're here.”

Sky News conducted an exclusive interview with Lord Chris Patten, who was the former governor of Hong Kong, at the UK-Hong Kong Summit. Lord Patten called it, “demeaning and delusional for the UK to not call out China’s behaviour over trade fears”.