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PRESS RELEASE: CFHK Foundation Celebrates Lunar New Year in UK Parliament

6 February 2024 – Yesterday, in the British Parliament, the Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation, hosted a Lunar New Year reception attended by over 100 people including politicians, journalists, people from Hong Kong, NGOs and representatives from other advocacy groups.

The event was hosted by Jim Shannon MP, a vice-chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Hong Kong, who spoke movingly about his support for Hong Kongers who settle in the UK and his campaign to stand up to CCP interference on university campuses, in businesses and in civil society.

Other politicians and members of the House of Lords who attended include: Tim Loughton MP, Iain Duncan Smith MP, Ian Paisley Junior MP, Bob Seely MP, Lord David Alton, Lord Mann, and Lord Rogan.

Guests were treated to a performance of Cantonese Opera and a ‘Fai Chun’ calligraphy artist was in the room writing messages of goodwill for all guests.

The evening concluded with an emotional and rousing chorus of Hong Kong’s banned anthem, “Glory to Hong Kong”. It was the first time that the anthem had been sung in the British Parliament.

Jim Shannon MP, Vice Chair of the APPG on Hong Kong: “Sadly many people in Hong Kong are not able to celebrate with us tonight, as they sit behind bars due to the anti-democratic National Security Law. In Hong Kong, Britain and indeed across the world, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers and friends, are observing the Lunar New Year without one another because of this tyranny. I will do everything I can to ensure that they have a friend in Parliament, and I will continue to work with the CFHK Foundation to continue to raise these issues.”

Mark Sabah, Director of The Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong (CFHK) Foundation said: “Lunar New Year is a time for unity and togetherness…and…we keep in mind the many Hong Kongers, such as Jimmy Lai, Lee Cheuk-Yan, Chow Hang-Tung, Joshua Wong, and Gwyneth Ho, who are unable to celebrate with us tonight as the CCP deems their pro-democracy views and journalism as a crime.

We will continue to demand that the British Government stands up to China and defends the people of Hong Kong. We will continue to demand the release of British citizen, Jimmy Lai and all political prisoners. We will continue to demand that British Ministers do not visit Hong Kong as long as British MPs remain banned from Hong Kong and that Hong Kong ministers should not be welcomed into the UK. We will continue to call on the British Government to demand the repeal of the National Security Law and to defend the Sino-British Declaration."

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