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U.S. Congressman Raskin calls for Jimmy Lai’s immediate release

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U.S. Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin submitted a speech to the Congressional Record marking Jimmy Lai’s 1,000th day behind bars in Hong Kong and called for Lai’s “immediate release and freedom from the Chinese government.” Congressman Raskin also announced that he has begun the process of adopting Jimmy Lai as a prisoner of conscience through the Tom Lantos Commission on Human Rights’ Defending Freedoms Project.

The Hong Kong government “strongly condemned and opposed the misleading and slanderous remarks” by the Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation (CFHK Foundation), other human rights organisations, and overseas journalists on Jimmy Lai’s 1,000th day in prison. The Commissioner’s Office of China’s Foreign Ministry in Hong Kong also reacted, stating, “The likes of Jimmy Lai have long been firmly nailed to the pillar of humiliation for betraying the motherland and the people, and must be duly punished under the rule of law.”

Chloe Cheung, Communications Assistant for the CFHK Foundation, authored this week’s ‘Flame of Freedom’ blog, detailing her experience alongside other Hongkongers in the Scottish Parliament who shared how the Chinese Communist Party has continued to harass them since relocating in Scotland. “[The experiences of Hongkongers in Scotland] displayed the nature of many Hongkongers abroad: the joy of newfound freedoms in a different country together with persistent fears stemming from past events and current threats,” she wrote.

Jimmy Lai

Posters titled ‘Jimmy Lai Behind Bars’ were placed throughout the central business district of Sydney, Australia ahead of the announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize winner on Friday. A short film on Nobel Peace Prize nominee Jimmy Lai was also released.

The Guardian released a piece about the extraordinary life of British citizen Jimmy Lai, detailing how Lai’s plight reflects the struggle of the city which is increasingly forced to live under the oppression of the Chinese Communist Party.

The New York Post argued that releasing British citizen Jimmy Lai, a “hero of freedom”, would slow down the deterioration of China’s economy and Hong Kong as an international financial hub.

The United Nations Human Rights Council raised concerns about China’s intimidation campaign against Sebastien Lai, son of Jimmy Lai, and Jimmy Lai’s international legal team at the United Nations last week.

Hong Kong

On China's National Day on the 1st of October, the Hong Kong police wrestled a man to the ground for holding up a bouquet of white flowers while protesting. He was arrested for public disorder and obstructing the police in the execution of their duties.

Over half of Hong Kong professionals said they are considering leaving Hong Kong in the next five years. Of those, 40 percent have already applied for jobs overseas.

The Hong Kong government launched the ‘Night Vibes Hong Kong’ campaign in an attempt to revive Hong Kong’s nightlife, but its tourist traps remain empty and locals continue to stay home as business is not as usual in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong police unveiled the first self-service kiosk at a metro station for Hongkongers to report lost property and “non-emergency cases” to the police.

For the first time in history, on China’s National Day, St. John’s Cathedral in Hong Kong kowtowed to Beijing by displaying the Chinese flag next to the pulpit.

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