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Wong Ji-Yuet

Date of Birth:

Sep 27, 1997




NSL 47; Female;


In 2014, Wong Ji-Yuet participated in the Umbrella movement. Around the same time, she was a volunteer for the student activist group, Scholarism. As a volunteer, she joined a secondary school boycott rally, broke into Civic Square, and spent her first night on the streets. She slept on the streets in the occupation zones at night and went to school during the day, maintaining this routine for more than a month. She, along with fellow activists, organized a hunger strike to initiate a negotiation with the government on Hong Kong’s electoral reform. Wong ended the hunger strike after 118 hours based on medical intervention. She was taken to the hospital

Wong ran for the 2020 legislative election in the unofficial pro-democracy primaries. She came in third place. 

On January 6, 2021, Wong was one of the pro-democratic camp 53 members who were arrested under the national security law (specifically subversion). Wong was released on bail on January 7, 2021. 

On 28 February 2021, Wong was charged, along with 46 others, for subversion. She was detained in prison until 20 December, when she was released on bail. According to a written judgment that was released by the judiciary on 3 May 2022, Toh granted bail to enable Wong to finish her bachelor degree, and due to her belief that she had not explicitly advocated for international sanctions against the authorities, and for Hong Kong independence, during the primaries.

Personal Updates

Wong Ji-Yuet

Charges / Convicted Crimes

  • On 28 February 2021, Wong was charged, along with 46 others, for subversion.


Feb. 28, 2021

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