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CFHK Foundation Features 3 of the 8 Wanted by Hong Kong and Launches #IAmGuiltyToo Campaign

18 July 2023 – Today, the Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation (CFHK Foundation) hosted Anna Kwok, Executive Director of Hong Kong Democracy Council, Finn Lau, Founder of Hong Kong Liberty, and former Hong Kong legislator, Ted Hui, for a virtual discussion on Chief Executive John Lee’s decision to issue bounties for them and five other Hong Kong activists. The event was an opportunity to shed light on deteriorating conditions in the city-state while also reaffirming that those who care about Hong Kong are more dedicated than ever to holding John Lee and the Hong Kong and Chinese Communist Party authorities accountable.

In conjunction with the event, the CFHK Foundation is launching a social media and letter campaign to stand in solidarity with the eight activists targeted by the Hong Kong government. The letter affirms that if the Hong Kong Eight are guilty, then all those who stand on the side of freedom in Hong Kong are guilty, too.

In addition to signing on to the letter, we would encourage everyone to take to social media to spread the word about the letter by posting a photo of yourself with a white piece of paper using the hashtag: #IAmGuiltyToo and linking to the letter. It is our hope that by putting names and faces to the campaign, we can demonstrate that we stand side-by-side with those targeted by the Hong Kong authorities and have no plans to back down in the face of persecution.

The Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation’s President, Mark Clifford, said:

“Chief Executive John Lee’s decision to target eight Hong Kong activists is having the opposite of its intended effect. Rather than intimidating activists, it has woken up the world to the increasingly repressive nature of Hong Kong leadership – making it more and more difficult to discern between the CCP and Hong Kong authorities. We are now even more emboldened – not just to speak out, but to take action to defend freedom in Hong Kong. We condemn the issuance of bounties for the eight and we boldly declare that if they are guilty, then we are guilty, too.”

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