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NEWSLETTER: US Congress Queries AmCham HK; Scottish Parliament Condemns Chinese Surveillance

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The Scottish Parliament held a debate on Chinese state surveillance this week. Jeremy Balfour MSP thanked the CFHK Foundation for our help gathering materials and setting up previous meetings with Hong Kongers in Scotland. Issues raised during the debate included the Chinese surveillance balloon in the United States, TikTok, Hikvision cameras and the illegal Chinese police stations in the UK. For more information, please read CFHK Foundation’s press release.

Mike Gallagher, Chairman of the US Select Committee on China, wrote a letter to Geoffrey Siebengartner, Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. This letter expresses the Committee’s deep concerns over AmCham’s appearance in a recent promotional video created by Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing government. CFHK Foundation welcomes this letter and expects the British Government to follow suit. For more information, please read CFHK Foundation's statement.

Committee News

CFHK Foundation’s President Mark L. Clifford spoke with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business about the threat of the CCP, discussing the recent surveillance balloons, the potential meeting between US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and CCP State Councilor Wang Yi, and the disappearance of the CEO of China Renaissance, Bao Fan.

CFHK Foundation’s UK and EU Director Mark Sabah spoke on TalkTV about Liz Truss, the rise of China, Jimmy Lai, Hong Kong, and a lack of a China policy in the UK government. "Jimmy Lai, a British citizen, is being held by the CCP. However, the UK government will not say his name publicly because if they do, they have to take action."

CFHK Foundation’s UK and EU Director Mark Sabah spoke to ChannelsTV regarding Hong Kong’s ongoing national security trial of the Hong Kong 47. He discussed how this trial is an attempt by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to destroy any pro-democracy movement within Hong Kong.

According to Daily Business, EU-owned BrewDog has entered a joint venture with Budweiser China. This joint venture is hypocritical especially after BrewDog’s attempts to shame Fifa and Qatar over its record on human rights at the World Cup last year. "If they are going to be calling out human rights abuses in Qatar, they should be doing the same in China," stated CFHK Foundation’s, Mark Sabah.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Free Press, during the final day of the United Nations committee hearings, the rapporteur for China highlighted the ambiguity surrounding the definition of Hong Kong’s National Security Law and how without clarification, it could be used “arbitrarily.” A Hong Kong delegate said other countries also did not provide a definition for national security in their relevant legislation either, as threats to national security will “change with circumstances.”