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Canadian Judge Renewed With Singapore Court Before Resigning From Hong Kong Court

Updated: Jun 26


National Post, a Canadian newspaper, reported that Beverley McLachlin renewed her appointment on the Singapore International Commercial Court months before her decision to step down from Hong Kong’s highest court. Last week McLachlin announced that she was resigning from the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal citing the fact she was now 80 years old and wanted to spend more time with her family.

In a statement last week, McLachlin said she continues to “have confidence in the members of the [Hong Kong] Court, their independence, and their determination to uphold the rule of law.” She did not respond to emailed questions from the National Post as to why she was staying on the SICC while leaving the Hong Kong bench.

The CFHK Foundation released a report in May, calling for foreign judges in Hong Kong to step down. The report, “Lending Prestige to Persecution: How Foreign Judges are Undermining Hong Kong’s Freedoms and Why They Should Quit,” was launched in the British House of Commons.

The Guardian’s China correspondent, Amy Hawkins, reports for the podcast “Today in Focus” about calls for foreign judges in Hong Kong to resign amidst the city’s decline in rule of law.

Jimmy Lai's Trial Update

Lai’s trial is adjourned until July 24th, when his lawyers will argue that the case should be thrown out.

Detailed trial updates available here: Support Jimmy Lai

Mark Clifford, President of the CFHK foundation, spoke with EWTN News Nightly, where he called Jimmy Lai’s trial a “sham”.

“The latest trial is another of the sham set of charges that they’ve brought against a man who they’ve proven only that he believes in nonviolence, and he wanted to put much of his considerable fortune where his mouth was for democracy and for freedom.”

Hong Kong

China’s Ministry of State Security called the trial of the Hong Kong 47 as a "major test" of the rule of law, marking the first time the ministry has commented on the city’s largest national security case.

The court is scheduled to hear mitigation pleas from the 45 defendants convicted under the security law starting June 25th.

UK - Hong Kong

Alyssa Fong, Public Affairs and Advocacy Manager of CFHK Foundation, analysed the manifestos of four major political parties in the UK: Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, and the Green Party. Her analysis examines their policies on China and Hong Kong.

Read More Here.

Flame of Freedom Blog🔥

The Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong (CFHK) Foundation President Mark Clifford, a former board member of Apple Daily parent company Next Digital, discusses the significance of the forced closure of the newspaper three years ago.

Read More Here.

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