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NEWSLETTER: Hong Kong Secretly Denies British Citizen Jimmy Lai Access to Lawyer

Blog of the Week

Former Ukrainian MP and policy analyst, Aliona Hlivco, shared her moving journey of fighting for freedom on-the-ground in Ukraine and seeking refuge in the UK whilst comparing Ukraine and Hong Kong's fight for basic civil liberties on the international stage. Ms Hlivco wrote, "The fight for freedom and dignity knows no boundaries. It is a universal struggle that requires unwavering courage, resilience, and unity. Whether it is in Ukraine, Hong Kong, or any part of the world, we must continue to stand up for our values, protect our rights, and support those who face oppression."

Committee News

Hong Kong’s Committee for Safeguarding National Security (CSNS) ruled that allowing London-based barrister Timothy Owen to defend media tycoon Jimmy Lai would likely pose a risk “contrary to the interests of national security”. Mr Lai’s legal team has filed a legal bid to ask a Hong Kong court to overturn this decision. The Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong (CHFK) Foundation’s President, Mark Clifford, said, “If anybody needed more evidence that the Hong Kong authorities are systematically destroying Hong Kong’s legal system and rule of law, here we have it as Jimmy Lai’s legal team did not find out for months that the CSNS decided to prevent British citizen Jimmy Lai from hiring British barrister Timothy Owen.”

The CFHK Foundation partnered with the Acton Institute to host an exclusive global screening of the documentary, The Hong Konger: Jimmy Lai’s Extraordinary Struggle for Freedom. The screening was followed by a panel discussion with the associate producer Eric Kohn and the CFHK Foundation’s President Mark Clifford and Policy and Advocacy Coordinator Frances Hui.

The Association of Overseas Hong Kong Media Professionals, which includes the CFHK Foundation’s Advisor Stephen Vines, found that Hong Kong journalists who left Hong Kong due to the National Security Law and extradition bill do not regret leaving the city.

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong authorities said John Lee does not need to provide reasons for denying the involvement of foreign lawyer