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The CFHK Foundation Hosts Hong Kong Viewers for Global Showing of The Hong Konger

14 April 2023 – The Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong (CFHK) Foundation hosted a global showing of the documentary, The Hong Konger, which highlights Jimmy Lai’s extraordinary struggle for freedom. The global audience included viewers from Hong Kong, where the movie cannot be shown because of the city’s censorship policies.

The Hong Konger uses the persecution and jailing of entrepreneur and journalist Jimmy Lai to illustrate the erosion of Hong Kong’s rule of law and way of life. The Hong Konger shows Lai defending his personal freedom and Hong Kong’s long-standing liberties despite the threat of jail.

A panel discussion followed the showing, featuring The Hong Konger’s Associate Producer, Eric Kohn, and the CFHK Foundation’s President, Mark Clifford, and Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, Frances Hui. The panellists considered how to leverage economic sanctions and other means to secure Jimmy Lai’s release as well as how to best support Hong Kongers who are still living in Hong Kong.

The Hong Konger will be released to the global public on April 18th. Jimmy Lai has been behind bars for 835 days and is facing multiple charges under Hong Kong’s arbitrary National Security Law. Mr Lai’s story is not finished, as his trial is due to start in September 2023.

The Associate Producer of The Hong Konger, Eric Kohn, said:

“We made this documentary to shine a light on the courageous and extraordinary struggle for freedom led by Jimmy Lai and the people of Hong Kong. We are honored to partner with the Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation to bring this important film to audiences around the world. It is our hope that the film will inspire viewers to stand in solidarity with the people of Hong Kong in their fight for democracy and human rights.”

The CFHK Foundation’s Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, Frances Hui, said:

The Hong Konger demonstrates Jimmy Lai’s extraordinary courage through his entrepreneurship and persistence in defending press freedom in Hong Kong. I am thrilled to partner with The Acton Institute to show this film to our community around the globe, especially to those who are in Hong Kong and authoritarian states where such documentaries are prohibited. Jimmy Lai’s story among those of thousands of political prisoners in Hong Kong is an important one to tell as it demonstrates a Hong Konger’s perseverance and resilience in the fight for freedom.”

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