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Leung Kwok-hung 梁國雄

Former member of the Legislative Council in Hong Kong

Date of Birth:

March 27, 1956




NSL 47; Legislator

Behind Bars Since

February 28, 2021


Leung is a Hong Kong politician, social activist, and a former member of the pan-democracy camp.  

Leung has been consistently elected as a member of the Legislative Council in Hong Kong since 2004, securing victories in the 2008, 2012, and 2016 elections. He is renowned for his confrontational and civil disobedience approaches to protest against the government. Leung played a pivotal role as one of the founding members of the opposition party "League of Social Democrats" (LSD), and held the position of party chairperson from 2012 to 2016. [1]

Leung also took the lead in employing filibusters to advocate for a universal pension scheme. [2] Filibustering became a commonly used strategy by pan-democrats as it was perceived as the most effective means to create hurdles for the government from passing controversial bills. Due to his prominent and unwavering opposition stance, the government has consistently targeted Leung. He has been briefly jailed several times for offenses related to his protests. [3]

His career as a legislator ended in 2016 following a controversy during the oath-taking ceremony at the inaugural meeting of the Sixth Legislative Council. Leung utilized the oath-taking ceremony as a platform for protest, similar to his previous oaths, but was disqualified from the Legislative Council following an interpretation of the Basic Law by the Chinese Central Government. [4]

Leung remained actively engaged in the 2019 anti-extradition bill protests, which resulted in several arrests. On Jan. 6, 2021, Leung, along with over 50 fellow pan-democrats, was detained and charged with breaching the national security law due to their involvement in the 2020 pro-democracy primaries. He faces allegations of "Inciting subversion of state power." Leung was granted bail on Jan. 7, 2021. Yet, on Feb. 28, 2021, Leung, together with 46 others, was officially charged with subversion and re-arrested. By March 4, 2021, his request for bail was denied, and he has since been in detention. [5

Photo: Leung Kwok Hung Facebook

Leung Kwok-hung 梁國雄


Conspiracy to commit subversion under the National Security Law for participating in the democratic primaries:

  • Jan. 6, 2021: Arrested alongside 54 other pro-democracy activists

  • Feb. 28, 2021: Officially charged along with 45 activists from the 55 arrested in January

  • March 4,12,29, 2021: Bail denied.

  • May 13, 2022: High Court Judge Esther Toh upheld her decision to deny bail

  • Sept. 5, 2022: Pled not guilty; Trial concluded, Awaiting sentencing.

Contempt of the legislature during a 2016 panel meeting:

  • March 29, 2022: Sentenced to an additional 2 weeks in prison

Organizing and participating in unauthorized assemblies on August 18, October 1, and October 20, and announcing unauthorized marches on September 30 and October 19, 2019:

  • Apr 1 – Sep 1, 2021: Pled guilty; Convicted; 22-month sentence

Organizing an unauthorised assembly in July 1, 2020, in protest against the National Security Law:

  • Oct 16, 2021; Pled guilty; Sentenced to an additional 8 months in prison

Knowingly taking part in an unauthorised assembly of the 2020 Tiananmen Massacre vigil:

  • Aug 6, 2021: Pled guilty; Sentenced to 6 months to be served concurrently

Personal Updates

Mailing Address

Room B2, 4/F, Tai Cheung Factory Building, 3 Wing Ming Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong

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