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The Daily Mail


Mark Sabah told The Daily Mail

"[Mr Cleverly] is desperate to look like a statesman. Instead of taking the opportunity to reshape Britain’s relationship with Beijing and protect our national security, he is replicating the approach we used to have with Russia which led to so many issues."

Image by Alex Block

NTD News


Mark Sabah called on the U.K. government to grant Nathan Law immediate British citizenship.

The First Person with Michael Judge


Mark Clifford discussed how Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee placed bounties on the heads of exiled pro-democracy activists, further crushing the rule of law.


The Guardian


Mark Sabah called the recent actions of the Hong Kong government sinister. 

Image by Charles Postiaux

The Daily Mail


Mark Sabah told The Daily Mail, "Chinese Communist Party operatives regularly infiltrate meetings and gatherings right across the UK, especially events organised by people critical of the Beijing regime."


The Sydney Morning Herald


Mark Sabah called the questioning of Nathan Law’s family sinister in The Sydney Morning Herald.



Mark Sabah told Reuters, "It is sinister that the Hong Kong authorities questioned the family members of Nathan Law."




Olivia Enos detailed three things the international community can do to turn up the heat on Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee.

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The Times


Mark Sabah affirmed that Liu Jianchao was allegedly responsible for supervising the forced repatriation of Chinese dissidents.

Business Post


Mark Sabah informed Business Post that the Irish government has allegedly sold property to Chinese millionaires for an "incredibly cheap" price.

Ed Chin


Mark Clifford spoke to Ed Chin about how the Hong Kong authorities crushed Jimmy Lai's Apple Daily two years ago.

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The Dark State:

Hidden Dragon: Chinese Influence in Ireland


Mark Sabah joined John Mooney from The Sunday Times to discuss Chinese influence operations in Ireland.

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Radio Free Asia



The Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation issued a statement welcoming the European Parliament speaking out against the Hong Kong government's treatment of British citizen Jimmy Lai.

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NTD News


Megan Khoo told NTD News about the pernicious effects of a 2018 tax agreement between Britain and China/Hong Kong: “Whether knowingly or unknowingly the British government is able to share the sensitive tax information [of Hong Kong and Chinese people abroad] – this is addresses, bank account information, how much money they have – automatically with the Chinese regime”.

The Independent


The Independent reported on the Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation’s panel discussion for World Press Freedom Day in the British Parliament, where Caoilfhionn Gallagher KC, lead international lawyer for Jimmy Lai, called out how the Hong Kong authorities continue to wage “lawfare” against Mr Lai and others.


Central News Agency Taiwan


Central News Agency Taiwan covered the World Press Freedom Day event hosted by the Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation, which featured Caoilfhionn Gallagher KC underscoring how the Hong Kong authorities continue to use the National Security Law to target journalists and human rights defenders worldwide.




Mark Sabah told BBC Northern Ireland that the British authorities “have done nothing” to shut down the Chinese Communist Party’s illegal, secret police stations throughout Britain.

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British Thought



Mark Sabah spoke with British Thought Leaders about how the Chinese Communist Party continues to devastate Hong Kong. Pointing to the Hong Kong government's breach of the Sino-British Joint Declaration, Mr Sabah said, “In Hong Kong, we’ve heard nothing. The shocking thing is, we’ve heard nothing from 50 percent of the party to that agreement, which is the United Kingdom.”

American Banker


Mark Clifford authored a piece for American Banker on how the Chinese government has forced banks like HSBC, Manulife, Invesco and Fidelity to deny 90,000 Hong Kong emigrants access to their hard-earned pensions. Mr Clifford wrote, “Banks have been behaving as if their operations in Hong Kong enjoy the same protections they operate under in London or New York. They do not; in fact, they have none.”


The Epoch Times


The Epoch Times exposed how U.K. universities have accepted £30 million from the Chinese-owned corporation Huawei. Mark Sabah said, “It’s a high-risk strategy by universities and one that could do a huge amount of damage to the higher education sector, as well as to British cities in general.”

Aerial View of City

Duncan Bartlett


Duncan Bartlett, Research Associate at the SOAS China Institute at the University of London, interviewed Mark Clifford regarding British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly’s speech on UK-China relations. Mr Clifford said, “I would hope that the remarks would hint at a tougher attitude towards protecting Hong Kongers who have immigrated to Britain and been the subject of physical and other attacks in the UK.”


Sky News


The Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation told Sky News, “It is pretty disgraceful that the architect of Hong Kong’s demise [was] invited to the coronation of King Charles III. Who calls the shots in Britain, is it Beijing or our Prime Minister?”

The National Review


The Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation told The National Review about how TikTok banned a video by The Acton Institute. "Despite their ‘best’ efforts, the CCP can’t hide the truth about Jimmy Lai’s bogus case and the demise of Hong Kong."


Talk TV


Mark Sabah spoke with Dr David Bull on TalkTV about British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly sanctioning Russian officials who jailed British citizen Vladimir Kara-Murza. He called on James Cleverly to do the same with Hong Kong officials to hold them to account for the imprisonment of British citizen Jimmy Lai.


NTD News


Mark Sabah spoke to NTD News about the imprisonment of Vladimir Kara-Murza and other political prisoners worldwide.

EU and British Flag

Talk TV


Mark Sabah spoke with Talk TV’s Julia Hartley-Brewer about political prisoners worldwide, including the Russian Federation's recent arrests of political activist Vladimir Kara-Murza and The Wall Street Journal's Evan Gershkovich as well as the Chinese Communist Party's detainment of Jimmy Lai. 

NTD News 


Mark Sabah spoke to NTD News to highlight the first-ever U.K.-Hong Kong Summit in London. Mr Sabah emphasised the need to protect Hong Kongers who seek refuge in Britain, saying, "You're telling Hong Kongers 'you've come here to be safe', but they're not. [The Bob Chan attack] had a very negative effect on the mentality of Hong Kongers who suddenly realised they're on their own even though they're here."


The Daily Express


Mark Clifford spoke with Marco Giannangeli, highlighting the need for Britain to label China a "threat". Mr Clifford said, "Downing street realises the Golden age of trade with China is over, but there is still a sense that we can somehow have it both ways - that’s why Whitehall continues to apply the term 'strategic competitor' to China, when we are already very clearly in a Cold War."


Channels TV


Mark Sabah spoke with Channels TV about a Parliamentary debate co-organised by the Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation on 10 years of Xi Jinping and the future of U.K.-China relations. Mr Sabah said, "It was fairly bleak because there were warning signs coming from politicians who care about [the issues that affect Hong Kong]."


The Guardian


Mark Clifford told Amy Hawkins in an exclusive interview about how the U.K. government needs to do more to support the release of British citizen Jimmy Lai. Mr Clifford also added, "Hong Kong is the 'canary in the coalmine' for China’s ambitions overseas."

The Epoch Times


Mark Sabah spoke with The Epoch Times about Hong Kongers' quality of life in Britain. Mr Sabah shared, "I spoke to one young Hongkonger in Scotland who said to me, 'I ran away from China but China keeps chasing me.'"

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ABC News


Megan Khoo spoke to ABC News, highlighting the Committee for Freedom in Hong Kon Foundation's projections across New York City's skyline for International Women's Day. Mrs Khoo explained why Hong Kong has the largest percentage of women political prisoners in the world.

Hong Kong Skyline

Daily Business


According to Daily Business, EU-owned BrewDog has entered a joint venture with Budweiser China. This joint venture is hypocritical especially after BrewDog’s attempts to shame Fifa and Qatar over its record on human rights at the World Cup last year. "If they are going to be calling out human rights abuses in Qatar, they should be doing the same in China," stated Mark Sabah.


Fox Business


Mark Clifford spoke to Maria Bartiromo about the China threat. Mr Clifford discussed the recent surveillance balloons, the potential meeting between U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and China's Director of the Office of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission Wang Yi in Munich, and the disappearance of the CEO of China Renaissance, Bao Fan. 

Channels TV


Mark Sabah spoke to Channels TV about the Hong Kong 47's ongoing National Security Law trial, which is the largest national security-related trial in Hong Kong's history. 

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Talk TV


Mark Sabah spoke to Talk TV to discuss a speech made by Liz Truss, former British Prime Minister, regarding China. Mr Sabah discussed the rise of China, the U.K.’s lack of a coherent China policy and the recent cancellation of a visit to the U.K. by the Governor of Xinjiang. Mr Sabah also raised the case of British citizen Jimmy Lai and the destruction of freedoms in Hong Kong under the National Security Law.


The Epoch Times


After the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hong Kong released its banking report, which the Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation contributed to, Mark Clifford told The Epoch Times, “The behaviour of British banks is cruel towards the people who have left Hong Kong and simply want to start a new life."

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Mark Sabah wrote in CapX about how the Online Safety Bill could allow the U.K. government to set up a surveillance state. Mr Sabah believes the Bill would put Hongkongers seeking refuge in Britain at risk.



Olivia Enos wrote in Forbes about how the global community should respond to the trial of the Hong Kong 47. Mrs Enos urged the international community to stand in solidarity with the individuals who are wrongfully imprisoned and to defend those who are unlawfully on trial in Hong Kong.


The Points Media


Mark Clifford spoke with The Points Media about keeping the spirit of Hong Kong's journalism alive. Mr Clifford also highlighted the Chinese Communist Party's current pitfalls including a population demographic crisis, economic turmoil and an illegitimate government.

Radio Free Asia


Mark Clifford spoke with Radio Free Asia about Jimmy Lai's National Security Law trial, saying the shut down of Apple Daily symbolises the Chinese Communist Party's destruction of Hong Kong. 


Talk TV


Megan Khoo spoke about the Chinese Communist Party’s spy balloon that was spotted over the US. “It doesn’t take a balloon to see the CCP’s infiltration over the US and UK. It is preposterous that James Cleverly and Rishi Sunak have not spoken out about this at all,” declared Mrs Khoo.

The Times


Following former British Supreme Court judge Lord Sumption's attendance at the opening of Hong Kong's legal year, Mark Clifford told The Times that Sumption's presence "gives credibility to a government that is waging warfare against its own citizens."

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The Scotsman


Mark Clifford toldThe Scotsman, "Scottish universities’ Confucius Institutes are promoting trade and investment while students in Hong Kong are being imprisoned for peaceful protest and speaking the truth" after Glasgow University's Confucius Institute sponsored yet another China-Britain Business Council annual awards ceremony.

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The Daily Beast


CFHK Foundation's Mark Clifford discussed how Apple Daily's Founder Jimmy Lai became the Chinese Communist Party's adversary with Matt Lewis on The Daily Beast. He called for an end to Beijing's campaign against Hong Kong's freedom.

Christmas Cards

The National Catholic Register


The National Catholic Register featured the CFHK Foundation's "Postcards for Jimmy" campaign which involves schoolchildren sending Jimmy Lai Christmas cards in prison from around the world. Luke Schwartz, a 10-year old who participated, said, "Mr. Lai is a strong man for standing up for the people of Hong Kong. I'm happy I could do something to make him smile."

CBN News


Olivia Enos spoke to CBN News about the recent protests in China and the use of technology to monitor those taking part. Ms Enos stated, “I can’t underscore this enough, how much bravery it takes for Chinese people to take to the streets. The Chinese Party is notorious for using technology…one particular application would mark activities as suspicious…those types of suspicions could be grounds for being sent to these political re-education camps.”

file1 (1).jpeg



Mark Clifford was quoted in iNews, commenting on the reaction of Hong Kong officials on the “white paper” demonstration in Hong Kong to show solidarity with the protests that broke out in mainland China on the 27th of November. Mr Clifford stated, “It shows the authorities are determined to snuff out even the smallest acts of resistance.”


Financial Times


Tara Joseph told The Financial Times that the appeal from Beijing to block Timothy Owen from defending Jimmy Lai “goes exactly against the grain of what the Hong Kong government preaches about the city’s unique qualities. Hong Kong has always said it was open to international barristers and judges. This just flies in the face of that ideal it espoused.” 


The Times Red Box


Damian Green MP and Mark Clifford urged British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly to “grapple with how to respond to China’s increasingly erratic aggression.” In The Times Red Box, they wrote that it is now “vital that democratic countries remain committed to holding China to account, now is the perfect time for Sunak to harden the government’s position on China.” 

Hong Kong Free Press


Following a Hong Kong court charging Cardinal Zen for helping pro-democracy protesters, Frances Hui told the Hong Kong Free Press how she recalled him as a very gentle and caring figure. “He taught us at a young age, ‘Fret not, for God has his plans.’ That built up my confidence in life. Some of my acquaintances who aren’t religious are moved by his dedication. He could have stepped back, but he stayed true to his words even at such an old age,” she said. 


Japan Forward


Mark Clifford told Japan Forward that Jimmy Lai’s trial “holds little hope for justice” and will become “another marker in the dismantling of the rule of law in Hong Kong.”  

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