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The Daily Beast


CFHK Foundation's Mark Clifford discussed how Apple Daily's Founder Jimmy Lai became the Chinese Communist Party's adversary with Matt Lewis on The Daily Beast. He called for an end to Beijing's campaign against Hong Kong's freedom.


National Catholic Register


The National Catholic Register featured the CFHK Foundation's "Postcards for Jimmy" campaign which involves schoolchildren sending Jimmy Lai Christmas cards in prison from around the world. Luke Schwartz, a 10-year old who participated, said, "Mr. Lai is a strong man for standing up for the people of Hong Kong. I'm happy I could do something to make him smile."

CBN News


CFHK Foundation’s Olivia Enos spoke to CBN News about the recent protests in China and the use of technology to monitor those taking part. Enos stated: “I can’t underscore this enough, how much bravery it takes for Chinese people to take to the streets. The Chinese Party is notorious for using technology…one particular application would mark activities as suspicious…those types of suspicions could be grounds for being sent to these political re-education camps.”

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CFHK Foundation’s Mark Clifford has quoted in in iNews, commenting on the reaction from Hong Kong officials on the “white paper” demonstration in Hong Kong to show solidarity with the protests that broke out in China on the 27th of November, Clifford stated, “it shows the authorities are determined to snuff out even the smallest acts of resistance.”


Financial Times


CFHK Foundation’s Tara Joseph told the Financial Times that the appeal from Beijing to block Timothy Owen from defending Jimmy Lai “goes exactly against the grain of what the Hong Kong government preaches about the city’s unique qualities. Hong Kong has always said it was open to international barristers and judges. This just flies in the face of that ideal it espoused.” 


The Times Red Box


Damian Green MP and CFHK Foundation’s Mark Clifford urged Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Foreign Secretary James Cleverly to “grapple with how to respond to China’s increasingly erratic aggression.” In The Times Red Box, they wrote that it is now “vital that democratic countries remain committed to holding China to account, now is the perfect time for Sunak to harden the government’s position on China.” 

Japan Forward


CFHK Foundation’s Mark Clifford told Japan Forward that Jimmy Lai’s trial “holds little hope for justice” and will become “another marker in the dismantling of the rule of law in Hong Kong.”  


Hong Kong Free Press


Following a Hong Kong court charging Cardinal Zen for helping pro-democracy protesters, CFHK Foundation’s Frances Hui told the Hong Kong Free Press how she recalled him as a very gentle and caring figure. “He taught us at a young age, ‘Fret not, for God has his plans.’ That built up my confidence in life. Some of my acquaintances who aren’t religious are moved by his dedication. He could have stepped back, but he stayed true to his words even at such an old age,” she said. 

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