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14 November 2023

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

The strategic dependence of UK Universities on funding from China – and the challenges to our national security

You are cordially invited to a report launch in the British Parliament co-hosted by the Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation and Civitas

14 November 2023

6:30pm - 7:30pm

MacMillan Room, Portcullis House


Bob Seely MP

Vice Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Hong Kong


Ambassador James Cunningham

Chairman of the CFHK Foundation

Robert Clark

Head of Defence and Security Unit at Civitas

Sam Dunning

Director of UK-China Transparency

Geri Scott

Senior Political Correspondent at The Times

Robert Clark’s report uncovers a financial overreliance on Chinese institutions, with implications for both national security and the financial sustainability for UK higher education providers. The report calls on the government to address the many challenges posed by an overreliance on Chinese funding in our universities, including through an alignment of the UK’s sanctions list, export controls, and control orders with those of the US. The Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation and Civitas hope you can join us for this exclusive event.

To confirm your attendance, please RSVP to Megan Khoo at Please note that a reservation must be made to attend the event.

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