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UK and EU Hit Out at Erosion of Freedom in Hong Kong


The UK Minister for Indo-Pacific, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, met with Hong Kong’s Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Christopher Hui, during her visit to China. Trevelyan raised concerns over the erosion of freedom resulting from the implementation of the 2020 National Security Law, the prosecution of Jimmy Lai, and recent legislation under Article 23. 

The European Parliament unanimously voted in favour of a resolution condemning Hong Kong’s Article 23 legislation and the case of Jimmy Lai’s ongoing imprisonment. The resolution contends the Article 23 bill and National Security Law infringe upon Hong Kongers’ basic freedoms and civil liberties, and urges the Hong Kong government to immediately and unconditionally release Jimmy Lai and all other pro-democracy activists.

Simon Cheng, a Hong Kong dissident with a bounty on his head, feared that Chinese agents were tracking and monitoring him in the heart of London’s legal quarter. Four suspects were spotted following him and his friends in central London’s Middle Temple area, a prestigious legal association where barristers train.

Jimmy Lai's Trial Update

The trial of Jimmy Lai continued on April 23rd, with Chan Tsz-wah giving testimony against Lai and undergoing cross-examination by the defence. Chan testified that Jimmy Lai had stated he was concerned about violence in the movement and urged non-violence.

Detailed trial updates available here: Support Jimmy Lai

Hong Kong

After 18 months of waiting, the judiciary has further postponed the verdict in the trial of Best Pencil Hong Kong Limited, the parent company of Stand News, to the end of August. Both former chief editor Chun Pui-kuen and acting chief editor Patrick Lam were charged with "publishing seditious publication."

The Hong Kong Audit Commission criticised the Post Office, public dental services, bus operators, and a public organisation for failing to safeguard national security. The Commission published a report and recommended these organisations to "incorporate clauses on safeguarding national security in service agreements."

A live fund-raising concert planned by the Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA) was called off at the last minute. The concert was forced to moved online as HKJA announced its cancellation due to “an irresistible force in the final stages of preparation”.


A crushed Banyan Tree, and a path to freedom.

This blog is authored by Bonham Tree Aid Team, an organisation established to provide financial aid to the families of political prisoners and individuals who have been incarcerated in Hong Kong.

“The crushed banyan trees symbolise Hong Kong’s civil society, sapped, assaulted, and trampled by the Hong Kong government. However, the lifeless stumps amazingly began to flourish after months! Their resilience inspires us; as long as we keep fighting, we believe in a future where Hong Kong is free.”

Read More Here 

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