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Jimmy Lai Trial Observer Deported from Hong Kong


Taipei-based Advocacy Officer Aleksandra Bielakowska from Reporters Without Borders (RSF) was deported from Hong Kong upon arrival. She, along with RSF’s Asia-Pacific Bureau Director Cédric Alviani, was on a mission to meet journalists and monitor a hearing in the trial of Jimmy Lai. RSF later held a press conference where Bielakowska shared her experience of being detained for six hours, searched, and questioned at Hong Kong's international airport.      

RSF’s Asia-Pacific Bureau Director Cédric Alviani and Taipei-based Advocacy Officer Aleksandra Bielakowska pictured at the launch of the world press freedom index in Taipei. (Courtesy RSF) 

Hong Kong government official Christopher Hui visited the U.S. and met with U.S. business and civil society group leaders, as well as the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. In response to the visit, The Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong (CFHK) Foundation, along with 23 other Hong Kong groups in the U.S., released a joint statement strongly opposing the visit. The statement urges the U.S. President to sanction CCP and Hong Kong officials responsible for the crackdown, and to pass both the Hong Kong Sanctions Act and the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO) Certification Act.

Jimmy Lai's Trial Update

The trial of Jimmy Lai resumed on April 8th, with Andy Li, a pro-democracy activist arrested and apparently tortured in China, completing his testimony against Lai. In cross-examination, Li conceded that he had never met Lai or had any communication, directly or indirectly with him.

Detailed trial updates available at: Support Jimmy Lai

Hong Kong

Joseph John, a Portuguese national, was sentenced to a 60-month jail term for "incitement to secession" after the judge ruled that he had “demonised China” in social media posts. This case represents the first instance of a dual-national being convicted and jailed under the Beijing imposed National Security Law.

Hong Kong’s customs chief announced plans to bolster training for frontline staff to enhance their ability in identifying items that may pose a threat to national security. This initiative aims to intercept goods or materials with "potential security risks" before they can enter the city.


China’s allies are united. We must fight back.

This blog is authored by Jay Ng, Director of Freedom Card.

Ukrainians are not only fighting Russia, but totalitarianism. To fight totalitarianism, I believe that we must unite and fight back together, in support of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Ukraine, Xinjiang, Uyghur, Tibet, etc.

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