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Hong Kongers Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Global Scholars


The Global Scholars for Hong Kong have nominated five Hongkongers for the Nobel Peace Prize this year. Jimmy Lai, Chow Hang-tung, Lee Cheuk-yan, Gwyneth Ho, and Joshua Wong, were nominated for their “fervent dedication to protecting freedoms in Hong Kong and campaigning for democracy”.

Nobel Peace Prize Nomination Letter, from Global Scholars For Hong Kong

Article 29 organised the screening of 'She's in Jail', a documentary exploring Chow Hang-tung's resilience in the face of imprisonment under an authoritarian regime, the loss of loved ones, and her steadfast determination to remain optimistic. Following the screening, CFHK Foundation President, Mark Clifford, delivered a speech in which he voiced his support for Chow Hang-tung, and spoke of her courage, resistance, stubbornness, and intellect, while also denouncing the erosion of freedom in Hong Kong by the authorities.

Mark Clifford, President of the CFHK Foundation, delivering a speech at New York University.

CFHK President Mark Clifford, and L. Gordon Crovitz, both served as independent non-executive directors of Next Digital. They recently authored an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal titled 'Hong Kong’s Forbidden Apple,' sharing their firsthand experiences of Beijing's security laws. Recently passed Article 23 security legislation now makes simply having an old copy of Apple Daily a serious crime.

CFHK Foundation Director, Mark Sabah, spoke on NTD News about the significance of the Chinese cyber-attack on the UK electoral commission and on British MPs. He emphasised that "this attack isn't just about cyber warfare; it's an assault on the UK democratic system."

Jimmy Lai's Trial Update

Jimmy Lai's trial is currently in recess for the Easter week. Proceedings are expected to resume on April 8th.

Detailed trial updates available at: Support Jimmy Lai.

Hong Kong

Radio Free Asia (RFA) closed its Hong Kong operation out of concern for the safety of its staff and reporters. RFA President Bay Fang said in a statement, "Actions by Hong Kong authorities, including referring to RFA as a 'foreign force,' raise serious questions about its ability to operate safely following the enactment of Article 23."

KPMG is closing its Hong Kong law firm as tensions rise and freedoms dwindle. SF Lawyers, an independent firm of five lawyers associated with KPMG, is expected to wind down Hong Kong operations as soon as this month.

Young Hong Kong activists shared harrowing accounts of beatings and sexual abuse inside prison, particularly targeting youth political prisoners. One of the victims required surgery and a stoma bag because of the attack.

UK - China Relations

British MPs, who were targeted by Chinese hackers, are contesting government reassurances regarding the unsuccessful cyber-attack. They claim to have identified suspicious emails in their inboxes that should have been intercepted.


Hong Kong March: Celebrate What Makes Hong Kongers Unique

This week’s blog post is authored by Sean Chan, from the Hong Kong March Organising Committee

Often, people’s first impression of Hong Kong is the iconic Victoria Harbour and neon-lit cityscape. But in reality, many of those neon-signs have long been replaced, and the city is neither vibrant nor free anymore.

Read More Here.

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